A downloadable megadungeon

The Inescapable Pit of Shadows, the Prison of the Lost, or simply, the Emperor's Hole, is a giant underground dungeon where the most dangerous and terrible criminals and outspoken political opponents are sent never to be seen again. 

A system-agnostic megadungeon.

It will include:

  • 12 levels with a total of 365 'rooms,
  • Interesting and terrible NPCs and magical items
  • Factions vying for control over different parts of the dungeon

Locations will be added weekly throughout 2023 as part of the Dungeon23 Challenge,  created by Sean McCoy, designer of the Sci-Fi horror RPG Mothership. The goal is to design a megadungeon in one year, with one room being added per day, over a total of 12 levels.  I plan to upload photos of weekly advances in the development log section below. Maps and legends will be done by hand in a notebook. The weekly sections will appear in no particular order, and will be rearranged into a coherant dungeon near the end. 

Comments, suggestions, and ideas are more than welcome. 

Banner image used under license from Shutterstock.com from the artist esfera

Dungeon23 logo by Lone Archivist released under CC BY 4.0 licenses.

Development log

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