Week 3: The Prison Block

This is where it begins. New prisoners are dragged down here and locked in cells. Within 48 hours, pit beetles crawl over each prisoner and fasten themselves into a collar around their neck. The collar is unbreakable. If someone tries to leave the dungeon, the collar will tighten until they cannot breathe, fall unconscious, and then die if they are not dragged back in. Guards will sometimes inform prisoners that they are free to go, let them walk back towards the surface, and then laugh when they fall to the ground flailing around and clawing at their throats.

Underguards are collared and are as much prisoners as those they watch. Many of them resent the Overguards, who can come and go as they please, and there are obvious tensions. 


  • The winged being is an angel, a demon, or even a minor god and will free, ignore, or destroy everyone if released. 
  • The Undercaptain is experimenting on the winged being to find a way to get rid of his collar. 
  • The Undercaptain has secret negotiations with criminal factions to: smuggle goods, pass information, sell valuable new prisoners, or help them take control of the dungeon. 
  • If you put your head underwater long enough, the beetles that form the collar will separate and leave (this is false, but you are welcome to try). 

The Winged Immortal

Image of the Winged Immortal  modified from a painting by Bernarda Vivas Hernandez, 2023, used with permission.

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