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It's a cool game! But I'm wondering about the number of tokens on the ace card, it feels like the game is unwinnable, even with the ace card on top.

In average, you will draw only 13 times 1-6 cards before you get all 4 kings (not even counting the jenga tower), but the probability of getting 10 "six" on the dice in this amount of time is two in a thousand games.

I'd suggest changing this number so that the chance of winning appears somewhat possible, even if unlikely. I crunched the number with a python simulation, and here is the result:

Ignoring jenga tower and with the ace card ON TOP:
3 tokens: winning 50% of the games (one in 2 games)
4 tokens: winning 30% of the games (one in 3)
5 tokens: winning 15% of the games (one in 6)
6 tokens: winning 8% of the games (one in 11 or 12)

Now, if you put the ace card at random in the deck, you will have in average about 6 or 7 rounds only to remove all the tokens. The specifics are a bit more complex as you need to take the probability distribution into account, but here are the statistics, still ignoring the jenga tower:

3 tokens: winning 22% of the games (one in 4)
4 tokens: winning 10% of the time (one in 10)
5 tokens: winning 3% of the time (one in 30)
6 tokens: winning 1% of the time (one in 100)

Based on this, I feel like 3 or 4 tokens are enough. Alternatively, you could use 6 or 8 tokens, but removing one if the dice roll a 5 or 6, it would be about the same stats.

This very long mathematical analysis of your game being finished, I love both the concept and the execution. The table are super neat, and the mecanics work well together :D

Thank you so much for your comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I knew that the Wretched & Alone system made it unlikely to win, but I hadn't crunched the numbers, and as you show, there's a big difference between 'unlikely' to win and 'almost impossible.' Thanks for the suggestion, and I will adjust the probabilities for the next version. 

That's super cool !

Right now I'm playing your game, but I decided to keep the 10 tokens. By the time my first character inevitably dies, they will have hopefully removed some. I'll then switch to an other character and start again, with as much tokens as they were left. Someone is going to win at some point !